About Us


This friendly, family run resort is a great choice for those who are looking for a pleasant, peaceful and quiet holiday. Our beautiful scenery coupled with our hospitable management and staff is guaranteed to give you that stress-relieving and fun-fılled holiday you are looking for. Tony, Kubi, Bingul, Ahmet and Mehmet are here to assist you every way they can.

Rose Gardens takes its name from its lovely fragment and colourful roses. With the resort being 10 miles away from Kyrenia (main town), it is close enough for a quick bus journey in, but far enough from all the hustle and bustle you experience in any town.

History of Rose Gardens

The main buiding originally started life as a family home. This picture was taken in 1990. Who would have known it would have evolved into what you see today.




In 1994 there was the addittion of 6 bungalows, and so the business was born. As you can see in this picture the lanscape was in its early stages.



Is it so hard to guess where Rose Gardens got its name from? This picture was taken in 1995/96, Gardens full of colourful roses.



The addition of the second floor on the main building. 1999/00.



Over the years, Rose Gardens has evolved into the beutiful, family friendly and hospitable holiday village that we love.